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I don’t know if you’ve noticed an ExpatBlog.com bit of blue graphic on the top right hand-side of the blog (a round blue button)?
Our Adventure in Croatia has been nominated for Expats In Croatia Blog Award on the Expatblog.com website, so I am canvassing a few votes, and it would be GREAT! if you left your review of our Blog by clicking on the blue button on the right, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

ExpatsBlog.com trawl the net dishing out awards to the very best expat bloggers they can find for each country and we are delighted to be nominated in the “Croatia” category.

To all you expats out there, have you checked if your blog is on the ExpatBlog.com website?

Thank you in advance for leaving your reviews, we will let you know how we get on… if we win there will be a strong shot of Croatian Rakija for anybody who comes to our virtual party, all Followers are invited so please send your Gravatar wearing their best Sunday frocks!


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17 responses to “Expats in Croatia Blog

  1. Congratulations for your nomination! We’re on this together: you for Croatia, me for the Netherlands ;-)

  2. I’m doing yours now, if you want to return the favor, I won’t complain :)

  3. congrats! If I’ve not done the voting thing right – let me know!

  4. I clicked on the button. You should win the expat award because your blog is packed full of interesting, useful and educational information about your life in Croatia.It is humorous and a real pleasure to read. Please let me know if I can do more to support your nomination. You deserve to win! Keep on bloggin!

  5. Done, with pleasure. Fingers and toes crossed, altough you definitely don’t need it to win :-D

  6. I think I was successful – good luck :)

  7. Ho appena votato!
    Meritate di vincere per classe ed eleganza….in tutto !!!

  8. artisticmilestone

    You got my vote, good luck!

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