Patrick Latter: Fake Liker and Follower (I’m still sorry though)

Did you also think Patrick Latter was a fake?

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After “liking” my post for the 10th consecutive time and seeing his gravatar on everyone else’s posts, it became pretty obvious that Patrick Latter who has a photography blog was liking without reading for the purpose of exposure for his blog.

My assumption is that he “follows” a crapload of people and “likes” every new post they have.  I guess it’s working for him cause he seems to be getting the exposure he’s looking for.  Every comment on his “about” page is someone thanking him for “liking” their post or “following” them.

The odd thing is that you are not able to delete or block people from following you.  I don’t know why.  Probably some stupid online community honour code.  However, I was able to get him to stop following me.  This is what I want to apologize for.  I achieved this in an impolite, negative and vulgar manner.  Last…

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9 responses to “Patrick Latter: Fake Liker and Follower (I’m still sorry though)

  1. Liking can be a fickle business indeed!

  2. I’m not sure. Everyone has reasons for blogging. I’m into the stats – I want to see how far I can go – how many followers, most liked, most views etc, before I get bored. So I do go through blogs with a glass of wine in one hand doing ‘likes’. For example I ‘like’ posts which have good photos of food but I don’t read them often – I just like the photo. I don’t ‘like’ food posts with no food photos because they are pointless. But you can get your fingers burnt if you get carried away or get too pissed – you might end up liking some right wing nutcase’s diatribe about the Democratic Party who then visits your site and finds it swarming with pinko liberals where he then proceeds to start ranting about communists and lefties (that has happened).
    I like my serial likers – they know who they are – the ‘Rantings of an Amateur Chef’ does it but he is a good cook so I dont get bothered!

    • well, I see you do interact with your followers and likers, you write and answer comments etc.
      I also look at many blogs just with photos, it’s easy and does not take long time. And agree with cookery blogs, I am not going to try all those recipes, but they look nice. This Mr Latter is something else….. I think he has a computer program or something (he describes himself as a IT programmer) – there are questions on the WordPress support forums to get some kind of feature so we can stop someone from following (or liking) us.
      I don’t want to see his face again on my blog!
      I thought Halloween was over, creepy! :)

      • I just took a look and I must admit it is weird – thousands of people telling him its an amazing site blah blah and not one reply. I think he pays someone to run the blog.
        Amazing photos though – no just joking they’re probably swiped off google images

      • I know !!!!!!!! I got taken in initially as well because he was the first one to like + follow my blog, so I looked and he has such amazing pictures!!! if he is such an avid blog reader…how does he have the time for all this photography?… cheers :)

      • journeyman1977

        Too funny but agreed that it is creepy.

  3. Jules

    The bloke has facebook, and friends, and a girlfriend. He runs it himself however I think he does have something ‘liking’ everything. However I enjoy his shots and at this points, simply don’t mind.

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