How to lie in a hammock

It might sound like a stupid question: how to lie in a hammock? but you might be surprised that you need to know the trick, in order to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time and not fall out of the hammock!!

hammocks Collage

In many cultures, hammocks are like furniture, they are a substitute for beds, a cot to swing babies in, an ideal way to keep cool and off the floor where in some countries there are insects and other unwelcome four-legged guests…

Our love for hammocks started during an amazing holiday to Mexico a few years back, where we stayed in “cabanas” (straw-roof huts) on an amazing stretch of white-powdered Caribbean beach which was going on for miles and miles, and most days we just relaxed in the hammocks on the porch of the cabana, then swam a bit in the warm calm sea, then relaxed a bit more, then subathed a bit, aaaah the life!!

our cabana and totally relaxing hammocks

our cabana and totally relaxing hammocks

We enjoy having our hammocks in our garden in Croatia and for us they are a symbol of total relaxation and long, lazy summer days. It’s just as lovely to lie in a hammock at night, looking up at the stars and moon, during those nice summer evenings when even indoors seems too hot.

hammocks at Villa BellaVista

hammocks at Villa BellaVista

So what is the way to lie in a hammock? well, you lie diagonally in a hammock, and not lengthways, as explained in the drawings here below.
Hammocks are definitely more stable this way (and vastly more comfortable!) and you will not flip over and fall flat on your face to the utter glee and amusement of anyone who happen to videoing you on their cell phone…

diagonally is the way to do it!!

diagonally is the way to do it!!

So, come on, relax in a hammock, nothing else will do once you’ve tried it! (not even a wheelbarrow!!) ;)


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13 responses to “How to lie in a hammock

  1. Jenny Trozell

    I love this post! :-) And I love hammocks!

  2. Just love your colourful hammocks…soooo inviting!! Would never have thought of lying diagonally though – must remember that if we ever get a chance to try one :)

  3. It does look awfully tempting! :)

  4. Very useful post…
    I remember the first time I tried to lie in a hammock : my Venezuelan friends had a lot of fun and took so many pictures!

    Your place looks very , very , comfortable !

  5. I’ve never had a problem lying in a hammock/ It’s getting out of the hammock that gives me fits. Now, because of your diagram, I see why. I cannot wait to try it out. :)

  6. At last! Now I know how to laze about without landing on my backside! Thank you!!!!

  7. wow! a useful post, i must say and i am jealous that you those colorful hammocks in your backyard:)

  8. Either I’m no good at tying knots, or I was too heavy for my hammock. I ended up on the hammock on the floor. Since then, i’ve gone for a blanket on the grass, British colonial picnic style :-)

  9. I have this very sudden urge to go lay in a hammock (correctly of course) and look out at that beautiful Adriatic Sea! :-)

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