Crimewatch Croatia, where’s the telly?

where's the telly?

where’s the telly?

Where’s the telly?… that’s the question we asked ourselves a few days after we arrived at our holiday home at Christmas time….

At first when we checked both apartments nothing seemed wrong. When we leave the house after the summer season, we cover all the furniture with dustsheets, and everything looked just like we left it. A couple of days later as my mother was coming to visit from Italy to spend Christmas with us, I thought I would put the small TV downstairs, which we bought many years before, so she could watch RAI UNO or RAI DUE during the holidays.

When I told Mr C, he replied “but there is already a TV down there, it’a the big Samsung one we bought only last year, full HD, with satellite box and dvd player” -
But there’s nothing downstairs!!” I replied “I dusted the cabinets this morning and there’s nothing on them!

So we went to double check, yes of course I now remembered that we did buy a new telly for the downstairs apartment! the professional photographer in the summer even took a picture of it!

there's the telly!

there’s the telly!

We started to look everywhere, taking all the dustsheets off the furniture. Had we put the TV and other electronics in cabinets? we checked under the bed, between the mattress cover, behind the TV cabinets, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, nothing there…

It gradually dawned on us that the telly, dvd player, satellite box and i-pod docking station had vanished….. we’d been burgled since our last visit to Croatia in the summer! aaaarghhhh!!!

no more telly in Apartment Bella....

no more telly in Apartment Bella….

We thought it was very strange, because there was no sign of doors locks being forced, or windows being smashed. And then suddenly we put two-and-two together and realized that only earlier we’d noticed that a towel-rail under the bathroom window was broken and hanging almost off the wall.

We questioned our cleaner about it, asking whether she’d maybe leaned on it trying to clean the window and window cill? She’s such a sweet girl with a heart of gold, dreamy mentality and was in complete shock at the revelation. “No” she replied close to tears. Her mother who helps her with the cleaning noticed a month before that it was broken, but she’d forgotten about it.

flash gordan
Our friend Flash Gordan (the one and only!) came round and although a bit calmer, he was also shocked and said, “There’s something I’ve got to tell you…” We listened in silence until he said with a serious stare, “It wasn’t me.” Then we burst out laughing and assured Gordan he wasn’t our prime suspect. However, he added, “It’s not worth going to the Police about this, they don’t do a damn thing!.”

"do you really wanna go to the police?" asked Flash Gordan

“do you really wanna go to the police?” asked Flash Gordan

Unfortunately, we were going to have to submit a claim to our household insurance, which usually requires a police report. When we explained this we could almost hear Gordan’s thoughts ticking over - Oohh shit, I’ve got the keys to the house so the police will almost certainly suspect me. We later ventured to the local Police station in Trogir and our adventure continued.

Read all about it in our next post… Crimewatch Croatia – An encounter with the Croatian “Miami Vice” cop

Miami Vice in Croatia?...


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28 responses to “Crimewatch Croatia, where’s the telly?

  1. My imagination is ticking away – can’t wait to read how it went with the police there :D

  2. Sorry about your trouble. That is so frustrating. I have hear the same about police here. Looking forward to your next post.

  3. How awful !! I hope the villagers find out who did it !!
    The police are the same here in Spain and the Courts are even worse. A local man, a well known burglar was caught, still not gone to court after a year, so is still burglaring. An English friend spent hours with the police making a statement. Meanwhile the burglar removed a metal log burner by sawing the metal chimney, removed an electric immersion boiler leaving the water running, etc. etc. from different vacant houses. He doesn’t come to this part of the village as he has been warned off by villagers with guns. Ralph xox :D

  4. Damn… that really sucks. I have a feeling it’s got a good outcome… right?

  5. Guess there was a VERY IMPORTANT football match and the cafebar (typical Croatian word) had a minor problem with it’s own telly, so they had to look for an alternative while waiting for the “majstor” (other typical Croatian word), but where oh WHERE ?
    Anyway, Hajduk won (as always), so no big deal huh.

    • ahh so we helped local coffee drinkers watch the football match? that explains it…. what next, they’ll be coming to get some beer from OUR fridge?… ;)

      • Good idea, as long as it’s:
        – cold
        – kaltenberg or osusko
        – canned
        that last one is EXTREMELY important, as returning empty bottles is a pain in the @ss without the proper sales ticket :-)
        Today’s weather:
        cold, bura, snow on Mosor, no sun and burning the furniture :-)

      • today’s London weather report: cold, windy, stormy and lightning… no bura here just northern wind ;)

      • Sounds great !
        Minute ago grandpa’s wooden leg went into the fire.
        He didn’t use it much anymore anyway, so why not, as hot is hot :-)
        Buraaaaaaa !

  6. Oh no…I’m now on the edge of my seat.

  7. Sorry to hear that your TV disappeared while you were away! Looking forward to part 2…

  8. That’s a horrible thing to have happened…same thing happened to some friends of ours not long ago…TV DVD etc- no fingerprints & the police said no point in trying to investigate further…not worth the cost :( Sorry but I am secretly looking forward to the next instalment which I’m sure will have an unexpected twist!!

  9. Attendo con ansia la seconda puntata.
    Certo che mi dispiace del contrattempo!

  10. I think you’re quite lucky that’s the only thing that got stolen. Btw you’re place looks real neat and cozy. Do the cops there investigate using fingerprint evidence?

  11. Oh no, that sucks! Mind you, at least that’s all they took, and they didn’t do too much damage getting in. I hope your insurers sort it all out for you! I’m off to read about your encounter with Miami Vice now…

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