2013 citrus harvest in our Croatian garden

Our few citrus trees gave a plentiful harvest this year, and we were in Croatia to pick them.

What to do with all those lemons and grapefruit? Limoncello? Grapefruitcello?

give us some suggestions and your favourite recipes!!

plenty of lemons and grapefruits from Croatia

plenty of lemons and grapefruits from Croatia

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24 responses to “2013 citrus harvest in our Croatian garden

  1. Lemon meringue pie. You make it, I’ll eat it :-)

  2. Grapefruitcello… why not?


  3. So tempting to help myself as we passed by the lemon groves down numerous country lanes! But I resisted :)

  4. After seeing the title of your post ,I thought : why not Grapefruitcello?
    ……but then I knew I hadn’t been the first!
    Anyway, why not?

  5. jeni wright

    Make fresh lemonade in the hot summer months – it’s so refreshing .
    Also make lemon tart (I know Mr C likes pastry!).

  6. What about a tangy lemon marmalade?? I dont have a recipe myself… but this one looks good http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1898654/lemon-marmalade

  7. Limoncello is hard to beat but have you thought of lemon curd?

  8. Haven’t seen any grape fruits growing here but snap…tons of luscious lemons! We made chocolate mousse a few weeks back so now planning lemon mousse. The weather is yucky here today so maybe we’ll whip some up this afternoon! Enjoy those fruits :)

    • lemon mousse sounds a good idea. Made a lemon tart last night and it is delicious. We found the grapefruit tree growing in the garden amongst the lemon trees. First we thought “those lemons are big!” then realised they are grapefruit… ahhahahahah

  9. We harvest lemons also. I love figuring out creative ways to use them. I like mint infused lemon water for drinking. We grow the mint as well. Tasty and good for you too! Cheers to you~

  10. This winter, we’ve been savoring the bounty of citrus fruit available from Split’s Green Market. How lucky you are to have a citrus grove all to yourself. :)

  11. So jealous! I’ve been reading recipes that have preserved lemon in them – sugar, salt, water and put in on the shelf for months.

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