Croatia n.1 destination for 2014

Even the Huffington Post now agrees that Croatia is a hot destination, naming Croatia on top of their ‘World’s Greatest Traveler’s Go List for 2014.


Croatia…It is Italy without the hype (and costs). 21st century travelers are in search for new utopias—think Paris in the 20s, Bali in the 70s, and Prague circa 1990. Amazing Croatia may be that next happening generational destination.

(read the rest at this LINK)

Come to Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was!

Villa BellaVista Croatia

Villa BellaVista Croatia


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9 responses to “Croatia n.1 destination for 2014

  1. So close yet so far. Hope to make it there one day. :)

  2. Great news !
    Only wish they do not all and only come for Dubrovnik, as than they are missing a awful lot !
    You bring them to Trogir, I’ll show them the Dalmatinska Zagora, and still there are thousands of gems to take home in their hart :-)

  3. I agree, I’d love to go back to Croatia!

  4. TTP

    Beautiful!, we have to go there! :)

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