Christmas holiday in Croatia

this was the first Christmas we spent in Croatia, we had nice time together with family who came from Italy, and local friends. This is the view of Trogir all lit up with sparkling jewellery during the Christmas holidays.

Trogir New Year 2014

Trogir New Year 2014

We did some baking, thanks to our friends over at British Corner Shop, who earlier in the year provided us with a box full of baking goodies.
We made the most of it making colourful cookies for the kids.
Did you do any baking at Christmas time?

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13 responses to “Christmas holiday in Croatia

  1. Yes, I baked – but my stars were no where near as nice looking as yours. How creative you are there Mrs.

  2. Those cookies look divine. I was too lazy to do anything after my vacation, so ended up making “Chocolate Tiffin”:) Happy new year! i have nominated you for the ” 2013 Blog of the Year” award. Here are the details:

  3. How wonderful! Happy New Year~

  4. While wishing you a very happy 2014, I want to copy these yummy sweets!

  5. Your cookies look fantastic :) We made chocolate yule log with loads of chocolate, mascarpone and cream. Yummy!!

  6. We didn’t manage Christmas but made it in time to see the decorations, which was lovely. And experience “the 3 kings” at Epiphany, which was a first.
    Trogir looks so lovely. Must try and brainwash the other half. :)

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