Salona – the ancient capital of Dalmatia

Our Adventure in Croatia:

What to do near Trogir? visit the ancient Roman city of Salona

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Driving into Split on the main road from Trogir, you pass by what appears to be a large municipal park with some ruins. Most people are probably too busy watching the traffic to pay much attention. But these ruins are what’s left of Salona, Dalmatia’s largest and most important city two thousand years ago. You’d hardly credit it, even walking around the park, as it’s all very low-key, most visitors seem to be locals walking their dogs. On the day we visited, there were few other tourists, and it’s possible to enjoy the place in peace, connecting with its ancient past.

Salona - old city walls

Salona – old city walls

Salona was originally a fortified Illyrian settlement on the shore of a wide bay, where the river Jadro flows into it. Behind, the coastal mountain range rises steeply, protecting from any land attack. The Greek colonists from Issa (Vis) established a trading post nearby…

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Country of coffee drinkers- Croatia

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How about a cup of coffee?

“Coffee is far more than a beverage. It is an invitation to life, disguised as a cup of warm liquid. It’s a trumpet wake-up call or a gentle rousing hand on your shoulder … Coffee is an experience, an offer, a rite of passage, a good excuse to get together.” ― Nichole Johnson


Morning coffee, lunch coffee, afternoon coffee, sometimes even evening coffee…There is no bad time for drinking coffee, there is only bad coffee and bad coffee friends. Locals have perfected the art of “taking a coffee”, as it is called, often making a single coffee last for hours. This is mostly because the experience is not really about drinking coffee, but more about socializing.
Tourists descending upon Croatia, especially the coast, are quite often surprised when they see how relaxed the atmosphere is and how eagerly the citizens of Split for example…

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Sailing in Croatia 2014

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Hvar Town, Croatia

Hvar Town, Croatia

Having now sailed part of the coast of France, quite a bit of Italy, Croatia, some of Greece and Turkey, our favorite cruising ground remains the Dalmation Islands. Situated in the middle of the Med along its northern shore, Croatia has great weather, excellent facilities, and is wonderful for short or long trips. Nearly everyone seems to speak English and they are friendly, good-looking people. We certainly want to come back, still a lot to explore here, even after three trips. Sailing in Croatia is enjoyable as there are plenty of islands which provide numerous protected coves and bays because of their ink-spot shapes. As well, the shore drops off steeply so it is easy sail close and moor close to shore.

Croatia is great for sailing for a number of reasons:

  • There are over a thousand islands to explore
  • The food is really good, exceptional actually
  • They have both excellent red and…

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more Adventures in Croatia – Maryam from Toronto to Trogir

There’s a big world out there, and for our regular feature “more Adventures in Croatia“, our guest this week is a Canadian writer, Maryam Siddiqi, who last year decided to take almost seven months holiday to travel to 20 countries on four continents, documenting the journey in print, Twitter and Instagram. Her adventurous travels took her to – just to mention a few – Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, the Maldives, the Philippines, and also to Europe, where she took a particular liking for the Adriatic coast of Croatia.



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Dubrovnik video – how to be happy


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Dubrovnik Video

Our Adventure in Croatia:

great video of Dubrovnik

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A video tour of Dubrovnik, spend the day wandering around the walls and the old town.  Video by Gary Spetz, artist and PBS Host, beautifully filmed and edited.  Click on the bottom to view full screen on you tube.

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get rich quick by blogging

well I must share with you this secret advantage of being a blogger. Since I started blogging, my dedicated blogging email address has received many interesting propositions, a lot of them promising me riches!!
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more adventures in Croatia – Ana & Frank – Our Blended Marriage

This week for our regular feature “more adventures in Croatia” we meet Ana & Frank, an American-Croatian couple currently living in Croatia, on a journey to create a better life for their young family. They have a blog about their family, blogging, design, budgeting and feeding a family of five for less than $150 a month!! now that’s an adventure!


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How to lie in a hammock

It might sound like a stupid question: how to lie in a hammock? but you might be surprised that you need to know the trick, in order to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time and not fall out of the hammock!!

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no safety net in Croatia

health and safetyBritish Health and Safety rules state that workers are not allowed to stand on the top three rungs of a ladder, in case they topple over, and must keep three parts of their body in contact with the ladder at all times, and many firms are so worried about being taken to court for breaching the regulations – where they could face an unlimited fine – that they have abandoned ladders altogether, preferring to use fixed structures for roofing work.

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top tips for car hire in Croatia

car hire tips

car hire tips

We are often asked by friends or guests travelling to Croatia, about recommendation for car hire, so here are our top tips:

1-book in advance on the internet. You’ll find the best deals. Don’t wait until you get to your destination as you’ll be charged much higher rates.

2-compare offers to find the car suitable for your needs. Continue reading


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How to build a pergola – new project in Croatia

This winter we had a new project at Villa BellaVista. To build a new pergola on our front terrace. We already have one pergola in our garden, as shown in the photo below, where we hang all our hammocks for total relaxation. Now we were going to have another similar pergola on the terrace, to avoid having large sun umbrellas which in the summer seem to blow in the wind and break easily.

Villa BellaVista front terrace

Villa BellaVista front terrace

Ingredients for pergola: Continue reading


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more adventures in Croatia: Isabel in Istria

Renovating a little old house in a picturesque hilltop village somewhere in the Mediterranean hills. A dream for many, a reality for few who dare to turn their hands at making it happen, and create their very own “place in the sun”.

This week for our regular Expats series “more adventures in Croatia” our guest is Isabel, who turned her dream into reality by buying an old stone house in the hills of Istria, a heart-shaped peninsula in the Adriatic Sea at the confluence of three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Rovinj - Istria

Rovinj – a charming seaside town in Istria

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Crimewatch Croatia – an encounter with the Croatian “Miami Vice” cop

"do you really wanna go to the police?" asked Flash Gordan

do you really wanna go to the police?” asked Flash Gordan

As explained in our previous post Crimewatch Croatia – where’s the telly? we had to visit the local police station, to report the burglary at our house, as we were going to need to supply a police report for insurance purposes.

At the Police station we approached several officers until we managed to find one without moustache a young one who spoke English and told us we had to wait for an inspector who was out on duty. He was part of the Criminal Police department and would return before 3pm.

As we sat down waiting, Continue reading


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Crimewatch Croatia, where’s the telly?

where's the telly?

where’s the telly?

Where’s the telly?… that’s the question we asked ourselves a few days after we arrived at our holiday home at Christmas time….

At first when we checked both apartments nothing seemed wrong. When we leave the house after the summer season, we cover all the furniture with dustsheets, and everything looked just like we left it. A couple of days later as my mother was coming to visit from Italy to spend Christmas with us, I thought I would put the small TV downstairs, which we bought many years before, so she could watch RAI UNO or RAI DUE during the holidays.

When I told Mr C, he replied “but there is already a TV down there, it’a the big Samsung one we bought only last year, full HD, with satellite box and dvd player” -
But there’s nothing downstairs!!” I replied “I dusted the cabinets this morning and there’s nothing on them!Continue reading


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